michael400pxI am Michael Rae. I create scalable customer success processes by, identifying critical points in the customer journey and creating content and tools to systematically deliver customers with the proper resources, right when they need it.


For example, I helped InsideSales.com to reduce CSM payroll by an estimated 85%. This was done by moving from an exclusive 1:1 customer success model to a 1:Many model for a majority of customer accounts.


My efforts have enabled the management of nearly $10 million in ACV (over 1000 accounts) by a team of 2. This is accomplished by eliminating one-off customer interactions where possible, and creating content to help multiple customers and to foster a self-help mindset amongst customers. By implementing these systems, the customer success program is scalable for high growth.


In my free time, I enjoy working in my yard, spending time at the ball park watching a minor league game with my family, or doing a little Excel kung fu. I am a voracious learner who is always learning something new, from how to build something in my workshop to advanced statistics.


My specialties include:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Content creation to drive goals at each customer journey milestone
  • Optimizing processes to reduce head count requirements
  • Automation of customer communication at all points in the lifecycle
  • Fostering a self-help customer experience
  • Maximizing retention and reducing churn

Let's focus on Michael's skills.

Award Winner

I have won numerous CSM of the Year and other CSM rewards.

Portfolio Growth

I have averaged double digit portfolio growth MONTHLY!

Doing More With Less

I have successfully reduced a team of 14 to 2... with a decrease in churn!

Action at 100 MPH

Created a scalable model on the fly, while managing $10 million ACV.

I would love to hear from you.